Niklas Kreernwng

I am a visually impaired accessibility advocate and developer based in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. Interested in politics and technology, I strive for a better, more inclusive internet and the opportunity to use free and Open Source software for everyone.
Niklas' portrait. He is looking up, wearing a wine-coloured tshirt and sunglasses.

My projects


Vendor independent camera viewer with an efficient workflow for visually impaired users. Because cameras are our gate to the visual world.


IRC Bot framework for the masses - with a powerful and flexible plugin API written in PHP.


Synthesize any voice from arbitrary speech fully automatically and using only free and open source tools. Originally developed at a youth hackathon.


Screen magnification for the i3 tiling window manager, based on X's tiling capability or an open source image viewer.

The Chase

Quiz show concept from itv presented live at 36th Chaos Communication Congress. Organized and developed entirely from scratch.


I work on new things all the time. Follow me on GitHub to never miss what I'm up to. If you want me to accessibility-audit your Open Source project for free, ping me there or send me a mail.


Some of my talks on Software Accessibility have been recorded. If you would like me to speak or give a workshop on the matter at your company or conference, send me a message! I'm always happy to audit your software as well.

Why You Should Care About Software Accessibility

An explanation of why accessibility matters when developing software, given at Jugend hackt 2019 in Berlin.

Software Accessibility: What could possibly go wrong?

A rant about problems screen reader users encounter frequently when developers don't test their projects for accessibility. Held at 35th Chaos Communication Congress in Leipzig in 2018.

Other things

A highly incomplete and unordered list of things I made and did over the years.
Initiated the c3blind assembly GDPR request generator URL shortener at Philipp Amthor Meme generator using espeak & ffmpeg Competitive snake game with AI opponent Command and Control service Deutscher Wetterdienst Warnungen API client in PHP Messenger with custom filters Fröhlichkauf Extensive library of scripts that use data from online APIs Post mortem talk about The Chase at 36c3 with Jugend hackt Discord and Telegram bots Static website generator Feature-rich interface to my school's substitution plan Numerous video edits with Final Cut and kdenlive Voiceover work Showing people my every-day life with a disability on a curated Twitter account for a week Linux sysadmin work Campaigned and ran for Kreistag with a political party Wrote short stories Various home automation projects Alexa skills Experiments with markow chains Browser plugins that make my life easier Various static websites Human-imitating chatbot Homework and todo scheduling app Took part in an exchange programme with Turkish students Minecraft minigames Administrating an online community Logged various aspects of life Accessibility audits for Open Source projects Had experiences with .NET Added dark mode support to a lot of things Taught kids in a primary school Prepared a jeopardy quiz show about our solar system for primary school students Decorated department stores Made official government forms accessible Educated youth about IT security and programming Talked about blindness at large events in a podcast Learned to cook Spent over 90 hours in trains in 2019 Designing print media Experimented with the Unity game engine Hosted a small radio station Rode rollercoasters Wrote wiki and news articles Won language competitions on national level Exited vim ;)

I'm available for hire

Send me a message if you think I may be the right fit for your team or a short-term contract in the field of web development or accessibility consulting. I'm always happy to take on a new challenge in different environments!