GDPR request generator

What for?

Public organisations (such as public institutions, companies, etc.) likely store personal data that, per article 15 of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union, you as a customer are allowed to access. This tool helps you by generating an email asking for the relevant information.

Note: The data entered in the form is processed only by your browser and never transferred to the server, so nobody else will ever see it. The administrator of the tool is not a lawyer and therefore not responsible for any legal matters that may arise from the use of this site.

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Generated request

Subject: Request to access my personal data

How to use the text

For most institutions, emailing the generated text is sufficient. Find the email address of the organization's responsible data protection officer and send it. From that point on, they have 30 days to comply with your request. Make sure to send the request from an email address the company recognizes - or add additional proof that you are authorized to make the request.