I occasionally give talks and workshops on matters of software accessibility when I get the opportunity to do so. Usually, they cover accessibility basics from a developers' perspective while also emphasizing what using their tools is like for blind or visually impaired users.

Some of these talks have been recorded:

Title Description Event Date
DE Wie Accessibility-Overlays wie AccessiBe das Web zerstören. Introduction to the concept of Accessibility Overlays and why they are a problem. Read more about the AccessiBe crime story here. DiVOC: Reboot to Respawn 2021-04-05
DE Warum Software-Barrierefreiheit wichtig ist - für uns alle! Explaining why software accessibility is so important and what to look out for when developing Jugend Hackt Berlin 2019 Lightning Talks 2019-10-05
DE Software Accessibility: What could possibly go wrong? & my own live English translation Showing annoyances when using software with a screen reader 35th Chaos Communication Congress Lightning Talks 2018-11-30

If you would like to me speak or give a workshop at your event, please get in touch.